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State of Massachusetts Permit Test Prep Software

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Unique features we offer include a random test generation, on demand shuffling of answers to questions, ordering of questions to match the layout of the state manual and much more. You see a display on how many times you have answered the question and how many times you answered correctly. As you use the software the questions you have the most trouble answering correctly are queued to the top of the sort.
You have the ability to view your scores subject by subject to determine where to spend your time preparing for the test. Once you feel comfortable with your scoring history you can reset it and then start gauging your knowledge from a new beginning.
Using this product as a part of your study strategy not only assures you'll pass the test but helps you Ace the test and impress your instructor.
Based on discussions with students and parents this product allows the student to be confident of passing the test on the first try with a great score.

This is the Main Screen for the State of Massachusetts Learner's Permit Test Prep Software Package. The software is based on the State of Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Drivers Manual. When the State of Massachusetts issue's a new version of the book we review it and make the appropriate changes to our test questions. We refer you back to the page of the book for the basis of the correct answers.

Features found in our products are designed for ease of use and the most effective use of your time to ace the test you are preparing for. All software packages are personalized with your name on the main menu of the software you purchase!

All of our software packages require that your system be running at least windows 98SE, 128mb ram and 100mb of free disk space.