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CDL Audio Test Prep


CDL Audio Study Guide 

Via Downloadable Link

CDL Audio Test Prep via downloadable link.

Sections covered are:

- Safe Driving

- Safely Trasporting Cargo 

- Safely Transporting Passangers

- Air Brakes

- Combination Vehicles

- Doubels and Triples

- Tank Vehicles

-  HazMat

- School Buses 

- Pre Trip Inspection 

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This  CDL Audio Test Prep has 16 sections that cover all the material that could be included for all CDL written test. These sections cover all material for both class A & B as well as any endorsements you may need to add to your CDL license.


CDL with X endorsement I earned using our products.

The CDL Audio Test Prep is an all inclusive set of audio flash cards that cover every section of the CDL Manual. The sections of the CDL Audio Test Prep match up directly to the sections of the CDL Manual allowing you to focus on area's of intended testing.

This unique product allows you to study for any of the CDL written test, whether it's the initial CDL permit or adding an endorsement, while driving or other activities where you'd have a radio on. With well over two hours of these questions and answers audio flash cards all subjects are fully covered. An example follows:

 QUESTION - What endorsement must you have on your CDL to transport Hazardous materials?

 Answer - An "H" or "X" endorsement.

As you see these are all questions that should be known by the test taker in order to prove knowledge of specific areas. We've just taken the gaining of this knowledge from reading to an audio based method that allows you to use your time in a most efficient way. 


The CDL Audio Test Prep  consist of 16 mp3 files, for a total of 117.7 MBs, that are compatible with just about all devices used for personalized listening while driving your personal or work vehicles.


This product is offered only via a download link that we will email to you. If you need to have this product delivered on CD then you need to contact us to make special arrangements.