Pamela and I have developed a series of software packages geared to passing the written test for various FAA Pilot ratings and the written test to become a licensed driver. The FAA written tests include the Private Pilot, Instrument Rating and the Commercial Pilot License. The Written test for the Driver's License or Learner's Permit is based on the state book of each state the software is produced for. We are also producing a series of software packages based on other activities regulated by states for the safety of the public.

Each Test Prep Package is based on the latest materials provided by the controlling authority. Your purchased software package is personalized to show your name in the software package you purchase!


My HAZMAT Renewal Experience - Ongoing


Like most of you I have to sit for a  HAZMAT Renewal test from time to time. Well, for me it's that time. I used our HAZMAT Audio Study Guide with our HAZMAT Test Prep Software and Aced the test! Here's the image of what they give you after you get a passing grade.


HAZMAT Renewal Card
Picture of HAZMAT Renewal Card
Earned November 2013

Now I need to do the security stuff. They gave me this green handout with the renewal card. I plan to goto the website listed below and update you with how it goes.

Had an issue with the TSA website. Have a receipt  with a tracking number but when I tried to pay with a credit card got disconnected. Will try calling the number provided on the handout during their hours of business.


Security Handout
Security Handout Picture
Given with the HAZMAT Renewal Card

Well, finally got back to completing my security obligations to keep my X endorsement on my CDL. Cutting it close, yes! Like everyone else I have family obligations that come first and before I knew it here I am. Called the 800 number provided on the green sheet handout pictured above on the 22nd of January and found the lady on the phone very helpful and we were able to complete my back ground check registration very quickly. I then made my way down to the UES Enrollment Center Portland Career Center in Portland Maine and got finger printed and completed the needed papaer work. I was also able to renew my TWIC which was a pleasent surprise. Wasn't sure how to do it but saw others doing it and inquired if I could do so. A few minutes and $60 later it was done. Now I'm waiting on the call to go pick up my renewed TWIC that will remain good for the next 3 years. All said, I had a very good experience and was impressed by curtious and professional folks I've encountered during this process. I hope you have the same good experience I've had. I'll post again when I've got my renewed license and TWIC in hand. Until then stay safe.

Temp license I recieved when I renewed.
My Temp License
I'll place my regular license here when it arrives via USPS.


Our Goals
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Our parent company, ADOS, was founded in 1991 when we decided to offer computerized office solutions to the business community. We specialized in such fields as Hazardous Waste Tracking Systems, Mailing Systems and many other computerized solutions. In the late 1990's Pamela and I both got the flying bug and decided that teaching folks to fly would always be a part of our lives.

In 2005 I needed to become a Class B CDL driver to legally drive the fuel truck used at the airfield I was employed at. I searched for a computerized test prep study system but was unable to find anything that was worth using. With that said, I developed my own software test prep system and passed all my written tests. I showed and had freinds of mine who are OTR drivers use my software and they convinced me to produce the HazMat Test Prep software and Audio Study guide that I offer on this website. I've used it to pass the initial test and to renew my license twice.

In 2018 we started to develope versions of our software for the Android smart phone platform and now offer a version of the HazMat Test Prep software and Audio Study guides for android smart phones.

Pamela and I own and operate White Mountain Ground Schools.

I am presently working as an independent CFII / commercial pilot in western Maine and a class B CDL driver with an X endorsement.